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Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is the governing body of the football in Asia and Australia

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is the governing body of the association football in Asia and Australia football. It has 47 member countries, mainly located on the Asian and Australian continents, but not the transcontinental countries with territory in Europe and Asia - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia football and Turkey football - which are instead members of UEFA. Three other countries geographically located on the western edge of Asia - Cyprus, Armenia and Israel - are also UEFA members. On the other hand, Australia, formerly of the OFC, joined the 2006 Asian Football Confederation, and the oceanic island of Guam, a territory of the United States, is also a member of the AFC, the two Commonwealths of the United States, in addition to the Northern Mariana Islands. Hong Kong and Macao are not independent countries (both are special administrative regions of China football), but also members of the AFC.

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The AFC, one of the six continental confederations of FIFA, was officially founded on 8 May 1954 in Manila (Philippines) on the sidelines of the second Asian Games. The head office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The current president is Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa from Bahrain.

The Asian Football Association was founded on May 8, 1954. Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Republic of China (Chinese Taipei), Hong Kong, Iran, India football, Israel, Indonesia, Japan football, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and South Vietnam were founding members.

The AFC football Asian Cup is the second oldest football competition in the world. In 1956, four teams participated in the first edition in Hong Kong

The Asian Ladies Football Confederation (ALFC) is the section of the AFC that manages women's football in Asia. The group was founded independently in April 1968 in a meeting with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. In 1986, the ALFC merged with the AFC. The Asian Ladies Football Confederation helped organize the AFC Women's Asian Cup, which was held for the first time in 1975, as well as the AFC-U19 Women's Championship and AFC U17 Women's Championship.


The AFC hosts the AFC Asian Cup and the AFC Women's Asian Cup, which determine the Champions of Asia, as well as the AFC Solidarity Cup. All three competitions take place every four years. The AFC also organizes the AFC Futsal Championship, the AFC Beach Soccer Championship, various international youth football tournaments at age level, as well as the Asian qualifying tournament for the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Women's World Cup and football at the Summer Olympics.

In addition to the international AFC tournaments, each AFC regional association organizes its own national team tournament: EAFF East Asian Cup, SAFF Championship, AFF Championship, CAFA Championship and WAFF Championship.

The highest ranked AFC competition is the AFC Champions League, which started in the 2002/03 season (a merger of the Asian Champions Cup and the Asian Cup Winners Cup) and the best 1 to 4 teams in each country (the number of teams ) United teams depend on the ranking of each country and can be upgraded or downgraded); Only teams from top countries participated in this competition.

A second competition with a lower rank is the AFC Cup. This competition was launched by AFC in 2004. A third competition, the AFC President's Cup, launched in 2005, was inducted into the 2015 AFC Cup.

The AFC also hosts an annual Asian futsal club competition, the AFC Futsal Club Championship.

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