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Belgium play off football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Promotion and relegation system Belgian football

The Belgian Pro League (officially known as the Jupiler Pro League) is the top league competition for football clubs in Belgium. It is contested by 16 clubs and maintains a promotion and relegation system with the Belgian second division. The competition was launched in 1895 by the Royal Belgian Football Association and was first won by FC Liégeois.

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The Belgian second division (officially known as the Belgacom League) is after the Belgian Pro League, the second highest league in the Belgian football league. It was founded in 1905 by the Belgian Football Association.

The Belgian third division has two divisions, which are fed by the four divisions of the Belgian promotion at the fourth stage. The fifth and lower levels include the provincial leagues.

There is an ascension and descent system between the respective levels.

RSC Anderlecht are the most successful team in Belgian football and have won numerous championship titles. Other leading title winners are Club Brugge KV, Royal Union Saint-Gilloise and Royal Standard Liege.

The Belgian Cup is called Coupe de Belgique (in French) and Beker van België (in Dutch). The first competition took place between 1911 and 12 and was won by the Racing Club de Bruxelles. The most successful club in the competition is FC Brugge, followed by RSC Anderlecht and Royal Standard Liège.

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