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0 Former Manchester United star remembered Ferguson

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  • 11-05-2020
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Every footballer on the bus got a brush for autographs! Former Manchester United star remembered Ferguson's hard hand

Former French footballer Patrice Evra recalled what it was like to work at Manchester United under the hard hand of Sir Alex Ferguson. In the official club podcast, he revealed a hitherto unknown story from 2006, when players refused to hand out autographs at the stadium during the pre-season tour and fled from the fans on the club bus. However, the strict coach gave them something to do and forced the football stars to stand back among the fans.

Football defender Evra is a popular figure among United fans. He spent eight and a half seasons at Old Trafford. The legend of the club and the highly successful former coach Sir Alex Ferguson also enjoy the huge respect of Red Devil fans.

It is common knowledge that the 78-year-old Scot was able to keep order in the cabin during his career. But in a recent podcast, Evra came up with a story from a 2006 pre-season tour that fans probably didn't know.

"We were very tired when we finally got on the bus. I'll be honest with you, we walked down the aisle to him with a lot of fans, "said the former French national team member in the official podcast of Manchester United.

Evra: "Once in preseason, all of us went straight to the bus because we were tired and I looked out of the window and I swear Sir Alex Ferguson must have signed for like 45m each autograph for the fans I say ,'Guys, when the boss comes on the bus, we are done.'”

"None of us gave a single autograph. Then I looked out the window and saw Sir Alex Ferguson signing for everyone. It took maybe 45 minutes, I told the boys that when he came, he would be bad, "the football player continued.

"When he came to see us, it started: 'Who the hell do you think you are. These people pay your salaries. Now go down to ***** and watch them sign. 'And so we had to go and give an autograph to each fan. But that was his mentality, "Evra recalled his former football boss, with whom he celebrated many successes at Old Trafford.


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