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5 Premier League - Paul Scholes: The season can be completed in five weeks

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  • 14-05-2020
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Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes remains optimistic. According to him, the Premier League season can be completed within five weeks. He claims that players are like machines and are able to be ready for matches in less than two weeks. If this is indeed the case, it will be decided in the coming days.
Top football in England was suspended in the first half of March due to a pandemic, but thanks to widespread measures, restrictions are now gradually being relaxed. Professional sports got the green light to return behind closed doors from June 1.

Paul Scholes believes that we should try to resume the Premier League season as soon as possible and believes that the event could actually start as early as June 10, but is concerned that European competitions will be difficult to complete.

"People are trying to follow the instructions and the instructions are that there will be no professional football until June 1."

"So I think if we follow the instructions, we should try to get as close as we can."

"Players are so ready now that they are like half machines, so I think they need a maximum of two weeks of full practice to get back to football, and hopefully by June 10, 11 or 12. they should be ready to play. "

"I think we can finish the league, finish the FA Cup. But I think it will be very difficult for the Champions League and the European League. I think it will be difficult to finish them. "

"But I think we can finish the season in five or six weeks, take a break and then get ready for next season."

Primera Division - Dembélé and Umtiti disappointed superiors with poor discipline. Now they are in danger of selling

This has not been the case for French footballers at Camp Nou in recent years. After moving from Seville, Clément Lenglet has not been able to assert himself, and his more famous compatriot Antoine Griezmann has not yet shone. The cases for themselves are Ousmane Dembélé and Samuel Umtiti, who also do not foretell a very promising future in Catalonia.

The Primera División finally approved team training last week. The loosening of strict measures was preceded by a number of careful preparations. All footballers have been tested in advance for COVID-19, and the training area must be regularly disinfected. The vast majority of players could not wait to return to the lawns, but the aforementioned duo Dembélé, Umtiti was not convinced by their approach.

Several foreign media, all of which include the American ESPN, have confirmed the dissatisfaction of the Barcelona leadership with the work ethic of certain members of its team. While Umtiti arrived for Friday's premiere practice half an hour late and injured his calf muscle, rehabilitating Dembélé did not show up at all three days later.

It's not easy to die in the Iberian Peninsula. Barcelona sent 25 million euros to Lyon for him, but the holder of gold from the previous year's World Cup does not shine at the club level. A native of Cameroon, due to numerous injuries, he stagnates and constantly commutes between the basic set and the bench of substitutes.

Now a stout stopper has to deal with another problem of a muscular nature. According to initial estimates, the stretched calf will take him out of the game for four to six weeks. Spanish sources say that Umtiti's visibly poor physical fitness may also have been related to this. The low quarterback reportedly arrived in much worse condition than the other teammates.

Ousman Dembélý can also be described as an eternal marod without hesitation. Another world champion from Russia came to the Catalan big club even at 125 million euros, but his playing contribution was not much greater. He has been struggling with a protracted hamstring injury since November.

On Monday, the 22-year-old winger was supposed to come for an ongoing examination of the problem area, but according to available information, he did not show up at all. Experts predict a return to football in early August, but with such an approach, treatment can be prolonged.

Such manners would, for obvious reasons, anger every employer. The Blaugranas are already running out of patience with both footballers and may be planning to sell them. In addition to the classic transfer, a variant of player exchange is offered.

Barcelona has worked on several arrivals before the coming summer. The names of Neymar, Pjanić and especially Lautar Martínez hang in the air. If it were possible to agree on barter instead of a huge financial amount, the already crisis-laden wallets of the Catalans would be greatly relieved.


Balotelli almost a fool. He talked about biting the walls and violating the regulations

His affairs and deeds have turned the football world around many times. It is not for nothing that Maria Balotelli was nicknamed "the naughty child of Italian football". This time, the teammate of Jaromír Zmrhal and Aleš Matějů from Brescia attracted attention with his statements in an interview on Instagram with his former teammate Alessandro Matri. In addition to violating the curfew during the COVID-19 pandemic, he revealed that cooking was the most difficult thing for him. "For the first three days, I ate cardboard and tried to nibble on the walls," Balotelli said in exaggeration.

Soccer players practically all over the world are eagerly awaiting the restart of competitions. The closest are in Germany, where the Bundesliga will start again this weekend. In Italy, one of the countries most affected by coronavirus, they still have to wait. Probably by June 13. Recent teammates from Brescia, Mario Balotelli and Alessandro Matri, also discussed this together on Instagram. They are both happy that the teams should have about a month to prepare. "If you pass the ball to me now, I won't process it with one touch. It's been two months since I touched the balloon, "said Balotelli.

The Italian striker with Ghanaian roots admitted that he had not spent the last few weeks in complete peace. "I almost went crazy because I was completely alone. The daughter is in Naples, the son in Zurich, the mother is her age and must be protected, the brothers are quarantined with their children, so I was left alone. It was hard, "he said.

But it wouldn't be Balotelli not to make a difference during a pandemic. "You can't train properly if you don't have a treadmill. So even though it wasn't allowed, I went for a run in the park near my home, "he admitted, not fully complying with the curfew.

Being alone at home, separated from my family, was not the worst thing the "naughty child of Italian football" had ever encountered. The most difficult task for him was that he had to cook for himself. "Basically, I ate cardboard for the first three days and tried to bite the walls because I can't cook anything. Fortunately, I arranged for them to start bringing me food, "laughed Balotelli.

Statements by teammates Aleš Matějů and Jaromír Zmrhal on (un) cooking and biting the walls is another pearl of Balotelli's already rich arsenal of events. Through his deeds, he has indelibly entered the history of history, not only football.

Coach José Mourinho still remembers how Balotelli, during his engagement at Inter Milan, urged the half-time break of the 2009 Champions League match at Kazan to avoid receiving a second yellow card as he has no other striker. What did not happen, after an hour of play, "Super Mario" was eliminated.

He engraved himself with others with his goal celebrations, whether from the EURO 2012 semifinals, when he took off his jersey and stood motionless with his muscles clenched, or the one with the jersey rolled up, under which he wore a T-shirt with "Why always me?" ). Another of his escapades is connected with the latter, when during his engagement in Manchester City, before the derby on the field of city rivals United (6: 1), he set fire to his own house with a firecracker. The last time he took a bet was when he forced the owner of the bar to crash into the sea with a scooter.





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