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0 Real Madrid weak performance again

  • by Administrator
  • 28-10-2020
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Real Madrid - Zidane responds to Isco, who complained about his playing time

At a press conference, Zidane responded to Isco, who had complained the day before about his poor playing time with Real Madrid.
"If he has to get me out, he'll take me in the 50th or 60th. Sometimes even at halftime. And if he has to get me in, he'll do it in the 80th minute." Isco is not happy, and he has said so publicly to his coach Zinedine Zidane.

To read - Isco criticizes the management of Zidane
The reason for this is his too short playing time, he who has only played four La Liga games this season and has not moved from the bench in the Clasico won against FC Barcelona (3-1) on Saturday. Present at a press conference on Monday, Zidane was therefore expected to respond to his player.

In Madrid, the chef is Zidane
And rather than tackle his player, Zidane preferred to play the card of appeasement by blaming the media outlet on Isco's ambition. "It's ambition. He wants to play, like all players, and that's positive. The players always want to play and it's not up to them," ZZ said.

After the observation, the advice: "What they must do to play is work to be ready. Then, I make decisions to make the eleven and be able to change it afterwards. And that will not change. " The message got through: in Madrid, the boss is Zidane.

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