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0 The French league will take out a state-guaranteed loan

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  • 05-05-2020
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The French football league will take out a state-guaranteed loan so that it can pay the first and second league clubs money for television rights that they would otherwise lose due to the prematurely closed year. The LFP decided on this at its general meeting.

The LFP ended the season on Thursday after the local government banned all major sporting events until September two days earlier due to a coronavirus pandemic. The winner of the unfinished year was Paris St. Germain, descending Toulouse and Amiens.

Thanks to the loan, the competition management will pay the promised amounts to the clubs. "These amounts cover the last two installments for audiovisual rights for the 2019/20 season, originally scheduled for 5 April and 5 June," the LFP said in a statement.

Some clubs do not like the premature end of the year. Olympique Lyon will claim damages, which it has estimated at tens of millions of euros. Legal action is also being considered by the descending Amiens, who have called on the league leadership to review the decision. Amiens considers the expansion of the competition for the upcoming season by two teams to 22 to be the fairest solution.

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