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Denmark first division football predictions, table and fixtures

Denmark 1.division

1. Liga is the second highest football league in Denmark

The 1. Liga is the second highest football league in Denmark, which is known for sponsorship reasons as NordicBet league. From 1945 to 1991, the 1st League was the name of the highest football level in Denmark. With the formation of the Danish Superliga, the 1st League became the second tier of Danish football. While all the teams in the Super League are full-time pros, the 1st Division is a mix of full-time professionals and semi-professional teams.

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The top teams win each year promotion to the Superliga, while the tails descend to the Danish second league. TV3 Sport 1 transfers one game per week from the league.

After the Second World War, the format of the highest football league in Denmark, the "Championship League", was renamed the tournament, which is now called "1st Division". There were again 10 teams in the top league, which played twice against each other, with the lowest team relegated. In the season 1953/54, the first non-Copenhagen team won the Danish championship, as K√łge Boldklub won the title. The championship title was not recaptured in more than ten years by a Copenhagen team until Akademisk Boldklub (AB) won the 1967 season.

From 1958, the Danish championship was held over a calendar year, and the 1956/57 season lasted 18 months, with the teams played a total of 27 games three times against each other. From 1958 to 1974, the tournament was extended to 12 teams that played twice in 22 games per season against each other. Now the two lowest teams were facing the descent. The number of teams has been increased to 16 for the 1975 season, resulting in 30 games per season. In 1986, the number of participants was changed again, this time to 14 and the number of games to 26.

In 1991, the Danish Super League was founded. This meant that the first league was the second highest league. Together with the Superliga introduction, the best Danish leagues switched back to the autumn-spring season.

In 1996, the 1st Division had its first name sponsor, as the League received after main sponsor Faxe Brewery the official name "Faxe Kondi Divisions". The sponsorship agreement ended in 2001, but was called "Viasat Sport Divisions" from 2004 to mid-2007. The "Sport" was canceled with the closure of the Viasat Sport channels in Denmark and the opening of TV 2 Sport. The sponsorship finally ended before the start of the 2010/11 season.

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