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Denmark second football division predictions, table, fixtures and scorers

Denmark 2.division

Second league is the third-rate Danish football league

The second league is the third-rate Danish football league, right after the first league. It was founded in 1945 after the Second World War as the second best Danish football league. When the Danish Super League was founded in 1991, the 2nd league became the 3rd league. From 1991 to 1997, the league was played as a half-year league, while the lower league played spring-autumn tournaments and the higher leagues autumn-spring.

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The third league of Danish football has undergone many changes as a buffer zone between elite and amateur clubs. The division we know today as the Danish 2nd Division was formerly the 3rd Division. It began in 1936, when the III series was founded with two geographically separate constituencies, each of which included four teams. Of the eight teams one rose in the series II.

In the years 1945 to 1945, the third division was founded with 10 teams. One team rose to the 2nd Division and one descended into the Denmark Series. A change was made in 1951. The 3rd Division was extended to 12 teams and the teams were relegated to a newly created qualifying series - the new buffer between the Denmark series and the local leagues.

The structure was changed again in 1966. Two geographic circles with 12 teams each were formed. Only one team could be promoted and two teams could be relegated. When we reached the 1975s, the number of teams in the league was expanded and the 3rd Division rolled into a row with 16 teams, where two teams could be promoted to the 2nd Division and teams could be relegated to the Denmark series.

The Danish Super League got a new name in 1991 and was also the second best league of that time, which was renamed 1st League instead of the 2nd League. The same story happened with the 3rd Division, which changed the name to 2nd Division - as we know it today. The new 2nd Division now consisted of a west and an east pool.

In 1997, the 2nd Division returned with a qualifying series in the old structure, but only three years later, it was converted back into a West and an East Pool.

From 2005, the 2nd Division was changed to have 14 teams each in the pools East and West, with three teams had to be promoted. In addition, up to eight reserve teams from the Danish Superliga clubs in the second league were allowed to enter. The number of teams in the 2nd Division was increased to 16 in 2008. In 2010, however, they were deprived of access to reserve teams in the 2nd Division, as they had established a reserve league. This led to a real expansion of the 2nd Division, so that the 2nd Division 2010 had only 8 teams.

The second division was changed again in 2015, reducing the number of teams in the second division from 32 to 24. There were 3 pools of 8 teams each, where the top four players in each pool would play for promotion to the 1st Division, with promotion for the top two teams. There would also be a relegation pool for the 12 teams that land as 5-8 in one of their 3 pools, where the 9-12. Descend places in the Denmark Series

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