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Denmark serien football table, fixtures and goalscorers

Danish 2nd Division with teams from the football associations of Jutland and Funen

The 2nd Division West is a group in the Danish 2nd Division with teams from the football associations of Jutland and Funen. The winners will be promoted to the Danish 1st league, while the last-placed player will risk relegation to the Denmark series.

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From 1945 to 1991, the 2nd Division was an individual competition, just below the highest Danish 1st Division. Before the 1991 season, a new high-profile Danish Super League was introduced, and the 2nd Division was divided into the competitions of the 2nd Division East and West, which now represent the third tier of Danish football. In 1997, the two 2nd Divisions were combined again to form a competition. It was split again in 2005. In 2015, the second divisions were divided into three groups with one promotion and relegation group.

Danish national team: In August 1993, a year after winning the 1992 European Championship, Michael Laudrup decided to settle his ongoing dispute with Richard Møller Nielsen over the team's tactics and returned to the national team. In the following years, however, Denmark scored mixed results, as it initially did not qualify for the 1994 World Cup, but then won the Confederations Cup in 1995 and defeated Copa America champion Argentina 2-0 in the final. As defending champion at the 1996 European Championships Denmark could not continue his previous success, but was disappointed by an early exit in the group stage of a miserable performance. In terms of results, the tournament was not a complete disaster as the team had a respectable win against Turkey, a draw with Portugal and only one defeat to Croatia. The reason why both the coach and the team were exposed after the tournament strong criticism, was mainly in the defensive and "boring" style of play. Since there had been controversy in the fall of 1995 about the decision of the DBU to extend the contract of Richard Møller Nielsen as head coach, existed before the European Championship in 1996, a tight relationship with the press. In the face of a new wave of criticism, Nielsen reached an agreement with the DBU. The DBU will terminate its contract until the end of June 1996.

Nielsen's successor was the likeable Swede Bo "Bosse" Johansson, who gave the team a more offensive strategy. At the 1998 World Cup, the Danish team recovered with the two Laudrup brothers in their last international season. After a 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia, a draw with South Africa and a 2-1 defeat to eventual champions France in mediocre games, the Danish team qualified for the knockout stages as second in the group. In the next game, however, Denmark played one of the best football games in the entire tournament and beat Nigeria 4-1 in a fantastic game. In the quarter-final against Brazil, the Danes went with a nice 2: 3 defeat against the eventual silver medalist in a very close and emotional game.

Johansson's next challenge was to qualify Denmark for the first time without the Laudrup brothers for Euro 2000. When Johansson reached this goal, he received great praise. In the actual tournament, however, Denmark disappointed with three defeats in the group stage. Johansson was heavily criticized for his squad selection, which included several players with injury problems and in poor form.

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