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All football leagues next days fixtures, and the predictions. Remember it is the prediction only. There is no guarantee of the win.


Amazon will be broadcasting Premier League

The Premier League 2019-20 is the 28th season of the Premier League, the highest English professional league since its inception in 1992. Manchester City is the second year in a row defending champion after winning the national high last season.

It's the first Premier League season to break in mid-season in February. There will be five normal-ten-game games over a weekend, with the remaining five the following weekend. It's the first season VAR is using. Changes to the rules concerning back passages, penalties, handballs and substitutions were introduced in 2019-20.

Premier Leaguee season marks the beginning of a new three-year TV contract. Eight games will be televised on Saturday evening at 19:45 and aired by Sky Sports. Amazon will be broadcasting two complete game rounds in December, including a Merseyside derby, which will be the first full-round live match in the country

Twenty teams compete in the league - the seventeen best teams of the previous season and the three teams emerging from the championship. The promoted teams are Norwich City, Sheffield United and Aston Villa. Norwich City and Aston Villa return to the top after a three-year absence while Sheffield United returns after a twelve-year absence. They replace Cardiff City, Fulham (both teams dropped out after a season in the top flight) and Huddersfield Town (relegated after two years in the top flight). The relegation of Cardiff City means that this season is the first Wales-free squad since the 2010-11 season.

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