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Haiti ligue Haitïenne

Football in Haiti developed for the first time in the provincial capital Port-au-Prince

Football is the most popular sport in Haiti. It is operated by the Fédération Haïtienne de Football. The association manages the national football team as well as the football nation league. The sport is very popular. Football in Haiti developed for the first time in the provincial capital Port-au-Prince, where already in 1912 a regional championship round was held for the first time.

Haitian club football's two biggest rivals are Racing Club Haïtien and Violette Athletic Club, both of which are based in Port-au-Prince and could once again win the CONCACAF Champions' Cup, although in both cases this was the case without a competition

In 1963 Racing reached the final against former champion CD Guadalajara. It was originally planned to play both games in Guadalajara. However, as the Haitians did not receive their entry permit in time, the encounter had to be postponed. Since two more dates were not respected by the Haitians, the CD Guadalajara submitted to CONCACAF an official complaint, which finally declared the Mexicans the winner. Racing then filed a complaint that led CONCACAF to the decision announced on April 2, 1964, that the games should now be compulsory within the next two months. As Guadalajara had already planned a five-week trip to Europe at that time, the club decided not to participate in the final and the Racing Club Haïtien has now been declared the winner of CONCACAF.

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The tournament of 1984, which was divided on the one hand in a North and Central American section and on the other hand in a Caribbean section, was not terminated. The Haitian representative Violette won the Caribbean branch and reached the final, while the final round of the North and Central American branch between the New York Pancyprian Freedoms and the club Deportivo Guadalajara had not been possible because both teams could not agree on one game. As a result, both were disqualified and the Violette Athletic Club declared the winner.

In 1973, Haiti hosted the CONCACAF championship, which also served as qualification for the 1974 World Cup in Germany. Haiti won almost the entire final game against Mexico, but finished the tournament with the most points and qualified for the first FIFA World Cup, where Emmanuel Sanon, arguably the best footballer of all time, made history. The first half of their debut game against Italy ended in a goalless draw, but the team surprised the football world as striker Emmanuel Sanon scored a goal shortly after the break and gave Haiti a 1-0 lead. Although the Italians eventually came back to win the game 3-1, Sanon goalkeeper Dino Zoff's record run of 1143 minutes ended without a clean sheet in internationals. The team lost to Poland (0: 7) and Argentina (1: 4) and became the last in their group. Sanon scored the second goal in the tournament.

The 1977 CONCACAF Championship also served as the qualifying tournament for the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina. After defeat in the opening game against Mexico with 1: 4 Haiti had the chance to qualify for another World Cup. However, as Mexico also won all subsequent games, Haiti again took second place before the national team entered a meaningless phase.

Previously, Haiti had missed a great opportunity in Mexico City's qualifying tournament for the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, which automatically drew the host country to Haiti. However, Haiti had one final moment to qualify, but failed to beat El Salvador, who instead took part in the World Cup.

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