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In 2004, the national team celebrated their first Asian Cup win against Qatar

Football is the most popular sport in Indonesia in terms of annual participation, participation and revenue. It is played at all levels, from children to middle-aged men. Popular is the Indonesian League 1. The national body is the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI). The Indonesian football league began around 1930 in the Dutch colonial era.

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In 1993, PSSI combined the existing "Galatama", which was a semi-professional competition and an amateur contest "Perserikatan" (Union, Bahasa Indonesia), into a single professional competition for football clubs known as the Indonesian League (Liga Indonesia) , From 1994 to 2007, the format of the top division competition consisted of a combination of double-round robin format and a single elimination round for several top teams in the table to determine the winners. Starting in the 2008/09 season, the competitive format has become a more general system used in most European football leagues. The single elimination round has been canceled and the competition has become a complete double-round-robin-league system. The name also changed in Indonesia Super League. Since 2017, the top league is called league 1. At an international level, Indonesia has had limited success even though it was the first Asian team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. In 1938 they played as the Dutch East Indies. Indonesia lost 1-0 to Hungary in a direct knockout round and have never qualified again. It was the only country that played only one game in the World Cup.

In 1956, the football team played at the Summer Olympics and earned a hard-fought 0-0 draw against the then still football superpower Soviet Union, led by the legendary Lev Yashin, who played for them under the gate, before playing in the replay 0: 4 lost. Indonesia won the bronze medal at the Asian Games in 1958 on a continental level. Indonesia's first appearance in the Asian Cup was in 1996. With a draw with Kuwait in the first game and two defeats in the following two games against Korea Republic and the hosts, the UAE, Indonesia finished Group A one point away. In 2000, they again forced a draw against Kuwait, but then lost to China and the Republic of Korea.

In 2004, the national team celebrated their first Asian Cup win against Qatar, but the nation's dreams of entering the second round were dashed by their defeats by China and Bahrain in the following group games. Indonesia defeated Bahrain as one of the four co-hosts in the AFC Asian Cup in 2007, but the qualifying campaign broke after two defeats by Asian superpowers Saudi Arabia and third by Republic of Korea. However, Indonesia failed to qualify for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar after claiming last place in Group B in qualifying without winning a single game.

The youth teams occasionally qualified for the AFC U-19 Championship (U-19 Team) and the AFC U-16 Championship (U-16 Team). The U-19 national team is the only Indonesian team ever to win a tournament on a continental level. In 1961 she won together with Burma the U-19 championship. The team is also the only one to qualify for a FIFA tournament under the name of "Indonesia" and in 1979 participated in the U-20 World Cup. The country has never qualified for a FIFA tournament since then.

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