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Mexico liga MX

League MX is the top division of the Mexican Football

The League MX is the top division of the Mexican Football League. Currently, it is sponsored by BBVA through its Mexican subsidiary BBVA México and is officially known as Liga BBVA MX.

The season has two tournaments: Apertura, which starts in summer, and Clausura, which starts in winter. As of 2017, the league has 18 clubs, one of which is relegated each year (two tournaments), based on the league achievements of the past three years. The first 8 teams in the table at the end of the regular stage of the tournament qualify for the Liguilla ("Mini League" or "Playoff"). By July 2011, the league was divided into 3 levels. The group formatting has been removed in favor of a single-table format.

The league is considered the strongest in North America and one of the strongest in Latin America. According to the International Association for Football History and Statistics, the league currently occupies 20th place worldwide and was ranked the tenth highest league in the first decade of the 21st century (2001-2010). According to CONCACAF, the league attracts on average the most viewers in America and the third largest viewers in a professional sports league in North America, averaging 25,557 in the 2014-15 season, behind only the National Football League and Major League Baseball and ahead of the Canadian Football League. It is also the fourth most popular football league in the world after the German Bundesliga football, the English Premier League football and the Spanish LaLiga football.

Of the 56 teams competing in the league, América won the title 13 times, followed by Guadalajara (12), Toluca (10), Cruz Azul (8), Leon, UANL and UNAM (7), and Pachuca and Santos Laguna ( 6). The current league champion is UANL, who won the Clausura 2019 tournament.

The 1970 World Cup in Mexico was the first World Cup to be broadly televised. The season after the FIFA World Cup, F.M.F. changed the league format and established a playoff phase to determine the national champions. This was done to regenerate the interest and reward of teams that ranked relatively high in the rankings.

The play-off, called Liguilla, was played in various formats to determine the champion. The most common format was a straight knockout between the first eight teams in the table. At other times, the league was divided into groups, with each of the two top teams and the best third placed qualifying for the play-offs. In some seasons, the play-offs themselves were teams that played in groups with the group. The winners play for the title. The format has been changed from season to season to reflect the international obligations of the clubs and the schedule of the Mexican national team.

The change in the rules had an impact on teams that traditionally dominated the table, as talented teams that did not perform well in the regular season were successful in the play-offs (Cruz Azul in the 1970s, América in the 1980s Years and Toluca in the 1980s) the 2000s).

Before the start of the 2012/13 season, the organization LIGA MX / ASCENSO MX was founded to replace the Mexican Football Association as the organizer of the competition. The league also announced a rebranding with the launch of a new logo.

On August 20, 2018, it was announced that the League MX will test the use of the technology for assistant referees. The first test run will take place during the U20 matches in the senior league stadiums. In weeks 13 and 14 of the Apertura tournament, live tests will take place in all Senior League MX games. However, the league still needs FIFA's final approval to fully implement the technology.

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