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Nicaraguan national football team

The Nicaraguan national football team is controlled by the Nicaraguan Football Association. Nicaragua reached its first qualifier for a major international competition in 2009, when it qualified for the 2009 Gold Cup as the last Central American finalist after beating Guatemala 2-0 in fifth place in the 2009 Nations Cup.

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Due to American influence in the country's history, baseball in Nicaragua is more of a persecution than a spectator event than football.

Nicaragua traveled for the first time to El Salvador, where it came on May 1, 1929 to a 0-9 defeat against the hosts. They played no more game for twelve years until they qualified for the CCCF championship in 1941 in Costa Rica. They lost all 4 games: 7-2 against hosts Costa Rica on 10 May, 8-0 against El Salvador on 13 May, 9-1 against the Netherlands Antilles on 15 May and 5-2 against Panama on 18 May. May. Therefore, Nicaragua took the last place of the group and did not make it to the end group.

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