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Portugal Segunda liga football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Portugal Taca da liga

Portuguese association LPFP took over the Segunda Divisão de Honra and renamed it Segunda Liga

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The Segunda Liga is the second highest Portuguese football league since 1990. Before 1990 there was only one national professional league in Portugal called Primeira Divisão (First Division). The last two teams moved to the lower league, Segunda Divisão (Regional), while the two best teams in this league in the highest Portuguese league ascended. In 1990, the Segunda Divisão de Honra was founded, while the original Segunda Divisão was the third league and was named Segunda Divisão B.

In 1999, the Portuguese association LPFP took over the Segunda Divisão de Honra and renamed it Segunda Liga. Segunda Divisão B was renamed Segunda Divisão again.

Since 2006/07 there were 16 teams in the league, instead of 18 from previous years. During the season, each team plays with all opponents, one at home and one in the opponent's field - a total of 30 games. At the end of the season, the first two teams rise in the highest Primeira Liga and the last two teams of the table descend into the lower Segunda Divisão.

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