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Romania 2 liga football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Romania liga 2

Universitatea Cluj v SSU Poli Timişoara

Result prediction Universitatea Cluj to win
Over/Under predictionover 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionUniversitatea Cluj / Universitatea Cluj to win
Team to Score predictionboth teams
Anytime Goalscorer predictionn/a

CSA Steaua Bucureşti v Csikszereda

Result prediction Csikszereda to win
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionCsikszereda / Csikszereda to win
Team to Score predictionCsikszereda
Anytime Goalscorer predictionn/a

Unirea Constanța v Hermannstadt

Result prediction Hermannstadt to win
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionHermannstadt / Hermannstadt to win
Team to Score predictionHermannstadt
Anytime Goalscorer predictionSilviu Nicolae Balaure(Hermannstadt)
Baba Alhassan(Hermannstadt)

Liga II is the second tier of the Romanian football

Liga II is the second tier of the Romanian football league system. The league changed its name shortly before the start of the 2006/07 season, previously called Divizia B. It is currently sponsored by the betting firm Casa Pariurilor and is therefore officially known as Liga 2 Casa Pariurilor.

Since its founding in 1934, there have been between 2 and 9 parallel divisions in Liga II, with clubs split by geographic criteria to avoid long and expensive travel.

In general, Seria I consists of Eastern teams, while Seria II consists of Western teams, although clubs near the center of the country can choose which series to play against each other.

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The first six teams from each series play a play-off for promotion to League I. The teams, which are placed in places 7 to 12, play in a relegation match. The last two teams descend into the league III. The first team in each series will be promoted to Liga I at the end of the season, and the teams ranked 12th will play another game to decide who will be the fifth team to descend into Liga III.

Until the 2012/13 season, the league II consisted of 2 groups, each with 16 teams. At the end of the season 2012/13 and 2013/14, the last five teams were relegated.

The league II is divided for economic and logistical reasons into two parallel divisions, each with 16 teams. The two best teams in each division are promoted to Liga I, while the three best teams in each division descend into Liga III. The second league is currently in format change and is expected to be in the near future from a single league with 20 to 22 teams.

The league III consists of 108 teams, which are divided into six divisions of 18 teams. The best club from each division will be promoted to Liga II. In addition, two separate playoffs, each with three teams, take place in which the second-placed clubs in the individual divisions participate. The playoff winners will also be promoted. The bottom three teams from each division descend into the district leagues, in addition to three of the 15th placed teams.

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