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South Africa cup

National First Division-GladAfrica Championship

The National First Division (NFD) (currently the GladAfrica Championship for sponsorship) is the second highest league club in South Africa after the Premier Soccer League (PSL). Both the NFD and the PSL are organized by the National Soccer League.

The restructured NFD was divided into two streams, an inland and a coastal stream, each consisting of 8 teams. The winners of the two streams played in a "final" at the end of the season - the winner was promoted to PSL. The loser of the 'Final' played in a mini-tournament / play-off against the two runners-up in each stream and the 15th placed team in the PSL log. The winner of this tournament was also automatically promoted to the Major League.

From the season 2011/12, a new structure and new rules were decided. The new rules require competing NFD teams to complete the following fields at all times during the NFD games:

At least 5 South African-born players under the age of 23.

Maximum 3 foreign players.

The new structure of the league is a reintroduction of the one-division format previously used for the three seasons 2004-07. This means that the two former geographical sub-streams will be merged into a common distribution. The NFD winner will automatically be promoted to PSL (replacing the lowest ranking team in PSL). Teams finishing second and third in the NFD will enter the playoff phase in a round-robin format while the PSL team is in 15th place. Only the winner of this playoff phase will also be promoted to PSL.

The relegation / promotion rules between NFD and Vodacom League remain almost unchanged. This means that after each season, the two lowest-rated teams in the NFD automatically descend into the Vodacom League. In the opposite direction, the two best teams in the Vodacom League are promoted to the NFD, which is decided by a round-robin playoff between the nine winners in the province.

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