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Switzerland 1.liga football league predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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1st League classic is the fourth tier of the Swiss football

The 1st League classic is the fourth tier of the Swiss football league system. The division is divided into three groups of 16 teams by geographical region.

Group 1 consists of teams from western Switzerland, which is usually French-speaking. Group 2 consists of teams from Central Switzerland, which is predominantly German-speaking. Group 3 consists of teams from Eastern Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) with German and Italian speaking regions.

A total of two teams will be promoted to the first league at the end of the season. This is determined by a decision-making competition involving the two best teams in each group. The two lowest teams of each group descend from this division to the 2nd Liga Interregional, which is the highest of the amateur leagues in Swiss football and is divided into 5 regional groups.

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Switzerland 2000-2008: era "Köbi Kuhn"

Switzerland could not qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, which was staged in France. She finished fourth in her qualifying group and won three games. 3: 2 against Finland, 1: 0 against Hungary and 5: 0 against Azerbaijan, a game against Hungary draw (1: 1) and three defeats; Lose 1-0 against Azerbaijan and both games against Norway, losing 1-0 at home and 5-0 away.

At the UEFA Euro 1996, Switzerland once again easily qualified for the tournament finals hosted in England by leading their qualifying group with only one defeat. That was a 1: 2 defeat against Turkey. They were drawn in Group A, but their tournament was disappointing overall. when they were finished at the end of the group. Their opening game was against hosts England, and the two teams drew 1-1. In the second game they lost 2-0 against the Netherlands and in the last group game 1-0 against Scotland. In qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2004, Switzerland took first place in a group with Russia, the Republic of Ireland, Albania and Georgia. The Swiss finished with 21 points and qualified for the finals in Portugal. where they were drawn in Group B with defending champion France, England and Croatia. They began the tournament 0-0 against Croatia before they had to accept in the next game, a 3-0 defeat against England. They lost their last game against France. 3-1 lose and occupy the last place of the group. Their only goal of the tournament was scored by Johan Vonlanthen, who was the youngest goalscorer of all time with the equalizer against France. Wayne Rooney was three months ahead of the record set only four days earlier.

Switzerland and Austria were selected as co-hosts of the UEFA Euro 2008. Switzerland was drawn in Group A with Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Their opening game was a 1-0 defeat by the Czech Republic, followed by a 2-1 defeat by Turkey. Their third game was against Portugal, with Switzerland winning 2-0 to ensure that Portugal would lead their group with a defeat.

The traditional home shirt of the Swiss national team consists of red jerseys, white shorts and red socks, while the away jersey consists of white jerseys, red shorts and white socks. The colors of the shorts and socks, however, can be exchanged in case of minor conflicts. Since its founding in 1895, Switzerland has always had the same color code as a tradition and homage to the national colors derived from the Swiss flag. The current kit maker is Puma, who has been making his kits since 1998.

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