Portugal Taca da liga football predictions, table, goalscorers and fixtures

Portugal Taca da liga

Portugal Taca da Portugal

Taça da Liga, known outside Portugal as the Portuguese League Cup

The Taça da Liga, known outside Portugal as the Portuguese League Cup, is an annual football club competition organized by the Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional (LPFP) for teams playing in the Primeira Liga and LigaPro, the top two levels of Portuguese football , compete. In contrast to the French and English League Cup winners do not qualify for European competitions.

The Taça da Liga was founded in the 2007-08 season, making it the third official competition for professional clubs in Portugal, after a proposal by Sporting and Boavista on November 28, 2006 approved by LPFP members is currently called the Allianz Cup known (with the English word cup).

Benfica are the most awarded team to have won a record seven consecutive victories. The current owners are Sporting, who defeated Porto in the final in 2019 to secure their second title in the competition.

The Taça da Liga format has changed in the history of the competition to increase the number of games and revenue for both clubs and LPFP. Since the season 2015/16 the approved format is the following:

First Round - One-legged connections between all Segunda League teams (except reserve or B teams), with the winner progressing to the next round. If there are an odd number of participating teams, one team will be bid farewell to the next round.

Second Round - One-legged runners-up between the first round winners, the twelve Primeira League teams who finished in 5th to 16th place last season, and the two promoted teams from the Segunda Liga. The winner advances to the next round.

Third round - Four groups of four played in a round robin format, with each group holding three winners of the second round and one of the top four Primeira league season teams of the previous season. The group winners advance to the next round. Play-Off-Phase semi-final and final will be played as one-legged matches on neutral ground.

The first incarnation of the Portuguese Cup was in 1912, but very few clubs were able to participate and so it was not a regular competition, the fact that it ended in 1918, the Portuguese Association does not consider its existence. It was called Taça do Império, since it was created by S.C. Império (not to be confused with Taça Império, the trophy of the opening match at the National Stadium, where the champion and the cup winners played against each other). In 1922, the Portuguese championship (Campeonato de Portugal) was launched and held every season with all participating in elimination rounds clubs. The winners were named champions of Portugal (although the winners of the Portuguese championship are no longer among the Portuguese football champions)) and it was the main tournament in Portugal until the mid-1930s round robin competition was held. With the success of this competition and the beginning of the recently created and official Portuguese Championship, the Taça de Portugal (Portuguese Cup) was created in the 1938/39 season, and the tournament quickly became the second most important in Portugal. Organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol) and played by all the teams of the Primeira Liga, Segunda Liga (except the B teams), Campeonato Nacional de Seniores (without reserve teams), 22 District Championships runners. and of 18 Circular Cup winners.

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