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Thai national football team nicknamed "War Elephants"

Football is the most popular sport in Thailand. Although the professional football leagues for Thailand are new, the football was introduced in 1897 in Thailand. Many Thais also watch football in local and pay-TV. Many games, especially in the English FA Premier League, can be viewed for free on local channels. The Thai channels broadcast every match of the 2006 World Cup.

In 2007, Thailand and three other countries hosted the 2007 Asian Cup. This was the second time that the event took place in Thailand in 1972.

The Thai national football team nicknamed "War Elephants" represents Thailand in international football and is controlled by the Thai Football Association, the Thai Football Association and a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the regional ASEAN Football Association (AFF).

With five ASEAN Football Championship titles and nine titles at the Southeast Asian Senior Games, the team is the most successful team in Southeast Asia. Thailand also won third place at the AFC Asian Cup in 1972, participated twice in the Summer Olympics and finished fourth in the 1990 and 1998 Asian Games.

The Thai national team is often described as the dominant team for the Southeast Asian region, but still has problems to perform throughout the Asian region. This is clear from the balance sheet that she has won five AFF championships and thus became the greatest force in Southeast Asian football, delivering new successes in continental and global records. Despite their third place in the Asian Cup in 1972, Thailand's first official victory in the 2007 AFC Asian Cup was against Oman and they have to wait 47 years to retire from the group stage in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. Although they have been the only Southeast Asian team since 1945 to participate in the final round of World Cup qualifying, they have never qualified for the World Cup.

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