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Waht is football transfer window ?

A transfer window is the period during the year in which a football club can transfer players from other players to their players. Such transfer will be completed by registering the player through FIFA with the new club. "Transfer Window" is the unofficial term that the media uses for the term "Registration Period" as described in the FIFA Player Status and Transfer Regulations. According to the rules, each national football association decides on the time (eg the dates) of the "window", but it must not exceed 12 weeks. The second registration period takes place during the season and may not exceed four weeks.

The transfer window of a particular football association governs only international transfers to this football association. International transfers from a federation are always possible to those associations that have an open window. The transfer window of the bandage that the player leaves does not have to be open.

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The window was introduced in response to negotiations with the European Commission. The system was used in many European leagues before it came into force by FIFA in the 2002/03 season. English football was originally behind schedule when it was proposed in the early 1990s, hoping to improve team stability and prevent agents looking for deals year-round, but until they were finally introduced , they had to be convinced that it would work. However, the precise rules and possible exceptions are not determined by the national football association but by the governing body of the individual competitions.

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